Per Click Marketing

Target the right customer at the right time with highly relevant text, image or video advertisement.

Why Whatsapp Marketing?

WhatsApp is being used by different businesses in orderto Promote their products & services. Even they interact with therecustomers. B2C businesses can make the best out of this mode of marketing. Because people wont bother to reply on Whatsapp rather than asking them on the call. Choose to market your product on WhatsApp for the following reasons:

Cost Effective

It is one of the most cost effective of all apps marketing tools. It is especially effective for small to medium-sized businesses as it is a perfect alternative to creating an alternative app
for marketing and inexpensive too.


WhatsApp is an instant messaging service & hence the turn-around-time in this is much faster than any other marketing technique. While email is a great tool to promote and talk about your business, it surely doesn’t bring in immediate results as compared to WhatsApp. You don’t have to spend too much time creating content too.
Wider reach: One of the best elements that makes WhatsApp marketing all the more important now is the customer base. It gives the way to a wide audience immediately. Almost everyone these days are on WhatsApp and you get access to them through the app. You can get in touch with your customers, you just need to have heir numbers and you will be able to WhatsApp them.

Easy to Use

Unlike other apps, WhatsApp, isn’t that tough to use. In fact, its user-friendly nature has prompted it to become one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world.